Acid & Vicious

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Après plus d’un an et demi de travail acharné, Al’Tarba,beatmaker originaire de Toulouse (France) et Lord Lhus, le MC de South Carolina (USA), nous livrent Acid&Vicious ,leur 1er album commun.

After more than one and a half year of relentless work, Al’ Tarba, beatmaker native of Toulouse (France) and Lord Lhus, the MC of South Carolina (USA), deliver us Acid&Vicious, their 1st common album.


1) No Hate
2) Keep On
3) Cursed & Wicker People skit
4) 3 Amigos feat. Dirty Dike&Jace Abstract
5) Last Night feat. Féfile Good
6) Colonize the colonisers feat. Babylon Warchild
7) Story’s
8) Get Hight
9) Easy Take Easy feat. Gavlyn
10) Not a Emcee feat. Jmega
11) The Sadist feat. Droogz Brigade
12) Drugs Addict feat. Benihana Kenobi
13) Suicide Note & Hell Gates skit
14) Welcome to hell
15) Bragging Rights feat. Milez Grimez, Words & Dirty Dickens
16) Journey Into the Mind
bonus track
17) Having orgy’s feat. PSL Persoonlijk

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